Amelia Jane Designs - (PAINTER-DESIGNER-MAKER) - A range of creative artwork and clothes: Murals, Garden Paintings, Paintings, Textiles, Textile Designs, Silk Painting, Eco-Fashion, Dress-Design, Recycling, Upcycling

Murals & Painted Furniture

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Eco Fashion Designer-Maker

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Textile Designs

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My murals for homes, hotels, restaurants, swimming pools and backyards can be viewed on;

Painted in situ, on location or on large boards at my workshop. Please note I no longer take on entire swimming pool surrounds!

Italian garden scenes were my favourite murals, painted with household emulsions and acrylic paint. I now welcome commissions for smaller board paintings (maximum 5 x 4 feet / 1.5 x 1meter) or a tryptich, combining Italian Garden themes with large scale flowers, for conservatories.

I will be developing more abstract works, combining these themes with world anthropology, pagan and shamanic cultural symbols. Paintings for sale will appear on this site in the future.

Painted Furniture Designs:

I welcome commissions for decorative designs on small pieces of furniture in my workshop, on previously sanded and base colour coated pieces. I no longer do the sanding preparation.

Painted Furniture Web Page


I make unique, one of a kind, original leisure wear; dresses, jackets and dressing gowns; viewable on

I am committed to ethical practice, using recycled fabrics in various combinations of patchwork structure. I piece each garment together myself creating skillful colour coordinations. Some of my garments incorporate original hand painted, steam fixed, silk designs, which are fully machine washable; and I will be particularly developing bird designs for more classic kimonos.

I welcome patchwork dressing gown and quilt commissions using clients' own loved clothes, to reduce discarded textile waste.

Shamanic Nights is a Member of the Ethical Fashion Forum Fellowship 500

Each garment contributes approximately £20-£45 to UK High Street Charity Shops, where I source my fabrics.

Facebook site often has most recent pictures displayed.


I am fully trained as a textile print designer.

Click here to view textile designs

My art degree and advanced studies were in Printed Textiles for Furnishings where I learnt 'silk-screen printing' techniques. I sold 'paint on paper' designs in 'repeat' worldwide through agents in the early 1990's. I opted away from commercial textiles when I moved from London to Devon, setting up a craft workshop were i hand painted silk on my own cushion products.

After painting murals and furniture for a long period, I recently started silk painting again, adding silk panels into my patchwork garments for Shamanic Nights dressing gowns.

I am excited about creating new designs and techniques which incorporate and combine my silk painted pieces with up-cycled/recycled fabrics.

I welcome commissions for hand painted textile designs or hand painted silk designs for other ethical fashion designers & interested customers.

My full scale textile designs are for sale and can be purchased under exclusive & non-exclusive agreements depending on the clients needs & budget.